Create a Positive Learning Environment at Home

positive learning environment

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Creating a Positive Learning Environment at Home can have a big impact of your child’s development.

A child’s development is affected by a variety of things such as parent attitudes, inspirations, education level, home learning environment, school influences, child’s characteristics and personal qualities. Just remember as a parent, you can make a difference!

An unhealthy home environment can disrupt the child’s brain’s stress system. Research shows that the emotional support that we can give our children has a real impact on how their brains develop and how they manage the stresses that they will inevitably encounter, as they go through life.

Teachers normally set goals for each of their pupils to see what they can achieve and view their progression. It’s been found that it can be more efficient in children excelling in school if both teachers and parents set goals. It’s about children being motivated to do well by their parents and teachers; this will encourage them to belief in their skills and not being afraid to try new challenging tasks.

As parents, you have the power to communicate to your child and engage them in learning this can be very effective and can be shown by your child’s willingness to work.

Of course a Positive Learning Environment applies more to a child’s emotional experiences as their physical environment.


Sleep is necessary to give us energy and maintain happiness and health. The deprivation of sleep can cause children’s loss of concentration in school. Your child will be exhausted at school and may act moody and irritable when they get back home if they haven’t had a good night sleep… and what parent wants that?

Set a bed time! A good sleep routine can ensure you are on track of their wellbeing. The recommended sleep is between 9-11 hours for children aged 6-13 years old. TV can often be the reason why children can’t get to sleep at night so maybe switching TV time to when they come back from school or reading a book at night can help them relax and fall asleep quicker.

Behaviour & Attitude

Your child looks up to you! You are their role model…  be positive, be kind and be caring. Your child will learn these behaviours form you and these traits will shine when they are with their teachers and peers.

It is of course important to build a strong bond with your child. Every parent wants their choild to feel comfortable to talk to them about their problems whether it’s school orientated or general worries. Listening is key. Listen to your child and you will have an open relationship.


Find a local library and make family days’ fun and educational. Libraries are filled with books from animals to space giving them a chance to explore. Promote how fun reading can be showing them that books can be enjoyed for pleasure not just for educational purposes. It’s central to their cognitive development so why not get involved and take turns to read to each other.

Healthy diet

Make it easy for your child to sustain a balanced diet. By having fruit and vegetables regularly on show, it will allow them to grab one on the go! Try replacing sugary snacks in the car with raisins and peanuts.

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