Year 7 Catch-up Numeracy with Emile

Catch-up Numeracy with Emile has been developed to show impact on learning for those that have difficulties with numeracy and qualify for the Year 7 Catch-up Premium.

Designed to engage students via unique game play, the apps (1) assess students, (2) allocate the most appropriate set of games and and (3) deliver comprehensive impact reports direct to the teacher.

Easy to use and set-up, the resource reduces teacher workload, having been designed for teachers by teachers.

Smart Allocation of Work

When a student first logs in, they are faced with a short multiple-choice quiz. The results of this quiz determines the best games for a student’s progress.

Every 6 weeks the students are re-assessed by the system. Using this new data and data from the games and previous assessments, a profile of the student is created.

Our unique algorithm then allocates the student the most appropriate games.

Enjoyable Gameplay

The games allocated are real games that students want to play.

Inspired by Tetris, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Where’s Wally?, and many other well known game mechanics, students immediately understand the game-play and start working on strategies to win.

Games based learning (GBL) allows students to fail in a safe space and have been shown to have tremendous impact on learning when done well.

Topics Covered & The Universe of Mathematics

Catch-up Numeracy with Emile is set in the Universe of Mathematics.All the games are set in a context, helping with problem solving skills and mathematical fluency.

Each planet in the Universe has a different theme and covers a different area of mathematics:

– The pirate planet of Tortuga covers addition & subtraction.
– The Aztec planet of Meso covers multiplication & division.
– The Jurassic planet of Primus covers place value.
– The Roman planet of Commetior covers measurements.
– The green planet of Polygonia covers geometry.
– The renaissance planet of Mechanus covers algebra.
– The superhero planet of Equitas covers ratios.

Measuring Impact

Catch-up Numeracy with Emile delivers reports every 6 weeks on all students showing their progress.

The reports are not only shown in the comprehensive teacher portal but also emailed to teachers.