Free full access to Emile for any school that has been affected by the Coronavirus.

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The education of students is being affected heavily by the Coronavirus. Here at Emile, we believe everyone deserves the right to learn. So, we are providing free full access to ANY school which has been affected by the Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus in Schools

With the recent government guidelines regarding the Covid 19 virus, schools have been closed until further notice. Last year we were able to help over 4 thousand schools by offering free access to our services. With the Emile app, you can learn from home on your computer, tablet, or even on phone.

Again, this year we have agreed to give FREE full access to our resources to ANY school affected by the Coronavirus outbreak with unlimited student and teacher accounts.

Please note that we take data security and your privacy extremely seriously. We will not sell your data to any third parties and will use your data in a respectful manner. To take advantage of this offer, simply fill out the box below.

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    What do we offer at Emile?

    Emile is a multi-award winning app and online program that covers the UK national primary curriculum for numeracy and SPaG with some phonics thrown in. The content is suitable for 4-12 year olds.

    You can track the progress of students and assign specific games or questions. 

    Emile makes use of the latest games-based learning approaches and engages students so that they develop their skills in a fun way. 

    At Emile, we offer multiple types of games that follow a storyline.

    The games range from phonics to ratios and proportions. It is the perfect way to adapt your class material to the digital classroom.

    Free Full Acess To Emile For Any School That Has Been Affected By The Coronavirus.

    How to access Emile.

    Teachers must log in through the teacher portal and create their classes. You have the option to send your class lists to Emile so it can be uploaded to your account – we are GDPR compliant – or you can manually create usernames and passwords yourself. 

    To log in as a teacher through the portal, click here.

    Students have the option to log in through the app or the online version. The app is free and available for IOS, Microsoft, and Android.

    Ratio and proportion super Emile

    How do I access the offer?

    We are offering free full service to all schools which have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

    To take advantage of the offer please fill out the form bellow. 

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