Request a Webinar.

We regularly run webinars for teachers throughout the year. They are a great way to see Emile in action and a shortcut to getting up and going. 

Please complete the form below with up to three dates and times when you would like a webinar to be organised and we will do our absolute best to match your requirements.  

Please note that we often run webinars for just 1 teacher – it gives us a great chance to answer any specific questions they may have. 

Typical Agenda

20 minutes Guided Tour
10 minutes Q&A

  1. What is Emile?
  2. The Student Resource – Web Version & App
  3. The Teacher Portal
  4. Using for Homework.
  5. The Reward Systems – tamagotchi, trophies & seasons.
  6. Impact on Learning Outcomes.
  7. Q&A

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