Geometry with Emile

Geometry with Emile is a perfect way to practice all the relevant elements of the Key Stage 2 national curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Children love the competition modes, playing against friends and against other classes, and taking care of their own virtual Emile.

1. Practice

Pupils can practice any selected topics hundreds of times. So rather than completing 10 examples on a worksheet, they can complete 100s with immediate feedback.

2. Compete

Compete in groups, compete as a class, compete as a school or compete against themselves. Use pupils’ desire to improve measurable results as a lightning rod for learning.

3. Reward

Every pupil gets their own Virtual Emile to customise. Rewards for new achievements, participating in competitions or completing new topics provide money to buy new clothes, backgrounds, games or music.

Product Guarantee

Emile resources are all backed by a learning impact guarantee. We believe fully in the effect of our resources and are so confident we will refund schools if the product is used for 15 minutes a week for 12 weeks and there is no improvement in student performance.

Topics covered:

Geometry with Emile includes the following topics and covers the whole of key stage 1 and key stage 2:
– 2-D & 3-D shapes
– Angles & turns
– Lines of symmetry
– Properties of shapes
– Positions, directions and movement
– and many more!

Fractions topics

Teacher Controls

All work done by students is recorded and presented in useful and meaningful ways.

Via secure logins, teachers can see which students need help and which are ready to move on to another topic or ready to deepen their understanding. Reports are easily printed and teacher marking workloads all but eradicated.

Reports are automatically emailed to teachers, removing the need to log into the system each time.

teacher dashboard


Pupils can compete:
– against themselves,
– their friends,
– as a class or
– against another school!

Leader boards can be printed directly off a website with accompanying certificates.

Game Play

Geometry with Emile
Geometry with Emile

Virtual Emile

Each pupil is given their very own Emile to look after. Grown from an egg, pupils need to check in regularly to feed, play, and grow together with their Emile.

As children progress, they earn coins which can be spent on buying outfits, food, backgrounds, music and games. The rewards help encourage pupils to log in and answer questions regularly.

The virtual pets help children build a sense of responsibility, and encourage them to love learning.


Emile came to Polygonia to stock up on supplies for his adventure, and also to find some gems whilst he explores. Learn about angles, split objects and feed crocodiles. There’s lots to explore on Polygonia.