Explore the Jurasssic Planet of Primus with Emile & Aimee and

Unearth Number Sense.

Emile Caveman Place value games
Adaptive maths app

Smart Allocation of Work.

All our Emile products harness the power of games-based learning and gamification.

Students are engaged by an enchanting adventure, crazy characters, enthralling game modes, ultra competitive class competitions, school leaderboards for most effort & most improved, reward systems that encourage more use and trophies to display. All these features lead students to wanting to answer questions, explore new concepts or revisit known topics.

By making use of a simple Assess, Practise and Achieve model, we ensure that students are working at the right level and are making progress.

Real Games That Teach Real Maths

We’ve made hundreds of unique games that deliver real learning. 

Harness the power of Candy Crush and Angry Birds, and see your students excel. 

Embed an Appreciation of Quantities

Number Sense with Emile focuses on subitizing and basic quantity analyses and comparison. 

Your students will look at dice, dominoes, and patterns and become instantly aware of the value. 

Algebra games app

Whole School Competitions.

Let your Students compete and progress to see not only who is the best, but also who has made the most progress and most effort.

An Enchanting Adventure

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