Explore the Steampunk Planet of Mechanus with Emile & Aimee and

Solve Algebra.

Algebra app

Blast Off for £45 for a Whole School!

We believe the best resources are those made for everyone. 

So we make our resources available for a flat £45+VAT annual fee for a whole school. 

This includes, apps, progress tracking, classroom displays, online help, teacher powerpoints,…, everything you could need to introduce Emile, Aimee & Scrambler into your school. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Designed for Homework.

Use Emile for homework and see how your students are progressing at the click of a button. Emile apps even work on most mobile phones.

Rocket SATs Results in your School!

Our games have been developed with our partners from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Education, so you can rest assured that they meet and cover all the topics covered in the KS2 SATs papers. 

If your students use Emile for 15 minutes a week, the school’s SATs results will ROCKET!


Real Games That Teach Real Maths

We’ve made hundreds of unique games that deliver real learning. 

Harness the power of Candy Crush and Angry Birds, and see your students excel. 

Aligned to the Curriculum

Algebra with Emile covers the following topics:

– using simple formulae

– expressing missing number problems algebraically

– finding pairs of missing numbers

– equivalent expressions

– and many more!

Algebra app

Whole School Competitions.

Let your Students compete and progress, to see who is not only the best but also who can make the most progress.

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