A FREE Roman Numerals Resource for Schools?

roman numerals worksheet

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Roman numerals appear on the UK National Curriculum in key stages 1 and 2 (in measurement). They are a touch isolated from other parts of the curriculum and there aren’t many engaging activities or worksheets available.

Following the take up of our other Emile resources, we have been able to create a resource covering Roman numerals relatively quickly and so would like to share it with not only our current customers but also all schools and teachers that want it!

It features full work tracking and assigning. Classes and pupils can compete with one another and against one another. Pupils all have access to their Virtual Emiles. It really is a fully functioning school resource available for FREE and without obligations or costs.

Like all our resources it works on Android tablets, iPads, Linux devices, Windows XP, Vista & 7 computers, Windows 10 computers and Kindle Fires.

For more information on Roman numerals with Emile have a look here and to get access please fill in the form here.

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