Handy Back to School Tips for Parents

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We’ve put together a brief list of Back to School Tips for Parents that will help you be THE organised parent when your child goes back to school.

So we’ve got some useful tips on making the best pack lunches, dealing with school letters, uniform decisions and passing on a positive attitude.


Be prepared for the pack lunches.

Being a parent of a fussy eater can be difficult but we’ve got a few suggestions that might help. These creative lunches will hopefully drive them to try and eat!  They’re quick and easy to make.

Pizza bagel: all you’ll need is tomato puree, pepperoni and cheese.  Perhaps put them all in different tubs so they get the feel of creating their own pizza!

Sandwich sushi: cut the bread into long slices along with any vegetable of your choice. It could be cucumber and carrot sticks to be rolled in the bread.

Sandwich kebabs: create mini square ham and cheese sandwiches. After this slice, the fruit of your choice like bananas and strawberries. Grab your skewer and place sandwich followed by the fruit repeating this pattern until the skewer is filled to the top.


We can never escape from letters, they’re always piling up from water bills to dentist appointments; they’re everywhere! The first term of school can be very hectic for schools so don’t be surprised when you get letters from left, right and centre. Letters about new teachers, permission slips and the changes on where to park (and not to park).

Those fridge magnets you’ve been collecting can finally come in handy!

Not liking the thought of them on your fridge? Perhaps design a ‘letter tray’ with the theme of your choice. Hopefully this will encourage the children to remind them to put any letters in the tray straight from school. That can be one ticked off your list.

Unsure on where to get your children’s uniform from? We’ve picked out the most popular places where parents seem to find themselves the week before school. We thought we’d make your job easier and compare the prices from the following:

white long sleeve shirts (£ depending on age):
John Lewis- £10-£16
Asda: £3.50-6.50
Tesco £4.50-£9.50

John Lewis: £6-£7.50 black/white ankle socks
Asda: £4 black/white ankle socks
Tesco: £4 black/white ankle socks

Stationery essential best offer found (Tesco):
£2.50 for 3x pencils 2x pens and 1x highlighter
£5.50 Scientific calculator

Good learning attitude
Get your child to keep a journal listing their positive and negative experiences in the last few days of the summer holidays. It’ll get them back into writing (in case they forget how!)

In the last few days of the holidays, try and use as much positive language as you can muster and get them to join in by rephrasing from ‘can’t’ to I’ll ‘try.’ This positive attitude can hopefully be taken on board when they feel they are struggling in a subject at school.

Hope this was helpful and you survive the rest of the holidays.

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