Avoid the Summer Slide!

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The Summer Slide is real. Children’s academic abilities reduce over the summer holidays.

Below are few tips to help your child avoid the regression!


Read every day.  Visit your local library, read newspapers and information boards at tourist sites.


Try setting up a blog for your child where they can tell their story

Enriching a family holiday:

Take the opportunity to explore your surroundings.  Learn about the plants and animals you might encounter, or discover other people’s stories.

Cook with your child:

Reading and understanding recipes is a fun and easy way to help your child follow directions.  Perhaps you could make a book of favourite family recipes

Listen to Audio Books:

If your holiday includes time spent in the car, put on an audio book.

Plant a Garden:

Your child will gain a sense of responsibility as they watch their plants grow.

Learn a New Word Each Week:

See who can use it the most times

Scavenger Hunt:

Make a list of items your child has to find, some easy, some more difficult.  This can be done at home, in familiar surroundings, or whilst on holiday.

Teach Younger Children:

Teaching a skill can really help cement it and encourages siblings to connect on an academic level.

Researching a Family Trip: 

Your child could look at prices, the route to be taken, how to travel to the destination and available activities

Play Board Games:

Games such as chess and monopoly teach maths and reasoning together.


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