Teacher Portal

Username and password

Before you can start, you need a username and password.  If you don’t have a username and password simply fill out the form located here. A teacher’s username and password can also be used to access the apps as a student would.

Choose Catch-up Numeracy with Emile

Once logged in as a teacher, if your school subscribed multiple different Emile, you’ll see a “Select your Resource” screen (if not don’t worry). Please select “Catch-up Numeracy with Emile” to go to the Dashboard .

Select Resource Catch-up Numeracy
Create new class - Catch-up numeracy

Setting up a Class

Setting up a new class is simple and easy. Select “Browse Class” from the Dashboard and, choose “Create new class” and type in a name for the new class. Finally, click “Create Class”.

Adding a lot of Pupils

There are two ways that allow teachers quickly create a large number of pupils’ account and password.

(1) using the “add multiple pupils” function. Just input the number of pupils in your class then click add pupils, then a pupil list is created – Pupil 1, Pupil 2,….

(2) by importing the list from a csv file. By uploading a file containing three columns: Pupil Name, Username, and Password, and one pupil on each row, you can populate a class in seconds.

Select Resource Catch-up Numeracy
Edit Pupils catch-up numeracy

Adding, Amending or Deleting a Pupil

You can change a pupil’s name, username and password at any time by clicking the pen icon on the right hand side of the row of the pupil.

Pupils’ accounts can be delete if no longer need by selecting the trash can icon.

Adding a Teacher

The school administrator can allocate multiple teachers to an existing class.

A school administrator on the school page can click “add teacher”.

Select Resource Catch-up Numeracy
Select Level catch-up numeracy

Setting Assignments

Catch-up Numeracy with Emile can also be used to allocated set work or “assignments”.

To create an assignment, on the Dashboard choose Assignments and then click “Create New Assignment”.

You will be lead to “Find Level” page. Search for a topic or directly select a game.

The games are spread over nine planets, each planet representing a different topic. There are descriptions for each games and videos of the gameplay to help teachers pick a right game for assignment.

A deadline can be set to the assignment and the assignment can also be allocated to groups of pupils by tick the boxes in front of their names.

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