Measurements with Emile

Measurements and Statistics with Emile is a perfect way to practice all the relevant elements of the Key Stage 2 national curriculum in a fun and engaging way.

Children love the competition modes, playing against friends and against other classes, and taking care of their own virtual Emile.

With Emile you can see real impact on learning, and reduce workload. Emile gives you the option to easily set up assignments, and track students’ performance in one click.

Measurement topics

Topics Covered:

Measurements with Emile includes the following topics:
– Lengths & heights
– Mass & weights
– Capacity & volume
– Time & dates
– Money
– Converting between units
– Perimeters & areas
– and many more!

Teacher Controls

All the work done by students is recorded and presented in useful and meaningful ways.

Via secure logins, teachers can see which students need help and which are ready to move on to another topic or ready to deepen their understanding. Reports are easily printed and teacher marking workloads all but eradicated.

Reports are automatically emailed to teachers, removing the need to log into the system each time.

teacher dashboard

Game Play

All the games have been developed to be educational and engaging.

Pupils will love challenging their friends, competing against other classes, making their own unique Emile and seeing the improvement they are making.


Pupils can compete against their friends or as a class to find out who is the best!

Leader boards can be printed directly off a website with accompanying certificates.

Virtual Pet

Each pupil is given their very own Emile to look after. Grown from an egg, pupils need to check in regularly to feed, play, and grow together with their Emile.

As children progress, they earn coins which can be spent on buying outfits, food, backgrounds, music and games. The rewards help encourage pupils to log in and answer questions regularly.

The virtual pets help children build a sense of responsibility, and encourage them to love learning.


Commetior is the world of measurement. The planet is themed on ancient Rome. Emile discovers that Scrambler is on Commetior and is up to no good, so he travels there to stop Scrambler’s schemes and save the planet’s inhabitants by working with the Potato Emperor to shore up their defences.