Pupil Apps

Installing the App

The app must be installed on each device a student may wish to use. So perhaps on a Windows computer and a school iPad.

The apps can be downloaded from here free of charge.

Catch-up Numeracy with Emile has been designed for computers and tablets such as iPad, Windows XP, Windows 10, Amazon Kindle Fires and all android tablets.

Pupil Use

To use Catch-up Numeracy with Emile, Pupils need to log into the app with a username and password created by a teacher via the web portal.

When a pupil first logs in they are required to complete an assessment of 18 multiple choice questions.

These questions determine the best games for the student to play over the following 6 weeks to improve their mathematical ability.


Multiplayer mode is the most exciting part of the app. In this mode pupils choose a game and compete with their classmates or friends. For start a competition, pupils can either join a game with a code or created a game and invite friends to joy in by sharing the code that the app has randomly generated.

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