Pupil Apps

Presently, there are nine pupil resources in the Learn with Emile series.

Each app resource has been developed to cover a specific subject area and include Geometry, Fractions, Times tables, Measurement, Addition, Grammar, Spelling, Place value, Statistics and Roman numerals.

Installing the Student Apps

The apps must be installed on each device a student may wish to use. So perhaps on a Windows computer or a school iPad.

The apps can be downloaded from here free of charge.

Catch-up Numeracy with Emile has been designed for computers and tablets such as iPad, Windows XP, Windows 10, Amazon Kindle Fires and all android tablets.

Pupil Use

To use Learn with Emile, Pupils need to log into the app with a username and password created by a teacher via the web portal.

Once pupils logged in the app, they will see a menu display main modes in the app, “Solo Play”, “Multiplayer” and “Your Emile”.

Solo Play

Under Solo Play, here are also three mode:

  1. Practice with Aimee – where students can select the subtopics to be questioned on;
  2. Scrambler’s Challenge – where students can do work set by a teacher; and
  3. Rating Game – where students are tested and rated on their knowledge.

Playing the Games

The game screen has a very clear and simple interface.

A question is posed and can be answered using a physical keypad, a virtual keypad or by selecting one or more of the multiple choice answers.

The game itself is simple and easy for pupils to play.

There is a time limit of 60 or 120 seconds depending on the subject.

Every right answer scores points and the more pointed scored by a pupil, the more coins they are rewarded with at the end of the game. The coins can be used to buy foods and costumes for their Emile pet.

The trick to getting the higher score is to avoid wrong answers as consecutive correct answers are rewarded disproportionately with “Combos”.


Multiplayer mode is the most exciting part of the app.

In this mode, pupils can choose to compete against or with their classmates.

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