Split into two parts, Emile has been designed for teachers and students: 

  1. the Student Program (either online or as an app)
  2. the Teacher Portal. 

The Student Program

The Student Program is available as both an online browser version and as an app. 

The online browser version can be found here: https://web.emile-education.com/

The app is available on all stores and is called “Learn with Emile”. https://emile-education.com/app-downloads/learn-with-emile-app-download/ 

When you first sign up to Emile, you will be sent some demo student accounts. Typically, with the username: “Pupil_1” and password “pupil”. Please use these to experience the resource as a student would. 

The Teacher Web Portal

To setup a class, give homework or track results, teachers need to login through a web portal using a web browser such as Google Chrome.

The web portal log in screen can be found here (https://games.emile-education.com/login).

The usual username is your email address and the default password is “password”.

Set Up Your Class

To set up your class, you need to create usernames and passwords for your students. This can be easily done by:

  1. Typing your students in one by one;

2. Uploading from a csv/Excel file; or 

3. Sending your class list via a secure form to our customer service department. 

Passwords can be as simple as 3 digits, the same for all students or made to match other software. 

Easy to use

All our Emile products have been designed to be used with ease and without training. If you have any issues, please let us know by using our contact form either on this website or within the Teacher Portal or use our chat function at the bottom of this screen. 

Learn More About the Student Program

Learn More About the Teacher Portal

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