Getting Started

Username and password

Before you can start, you need a username and password.  If you don’t have a username and password simply fill out the form located here. A teacher’s username and password can also be used to access the apps as a student would.

Easy to use

All our Emile products have been designed to be used with ease and without training.

Catch up Numeracy LoginScreen

Teacher Web Portal

To setup a class, give homework or track results, teachers need to login through a web portal using a web browser such as Google Chrome.

The web portal log in screen can be found here and more instructions about the teacher portal can be found here.

Install the apps

The apps contain all the games. For a student to access the resource, they need to enter their username and password. This requires the students to (1) have access to the app on a device (computer or tablet) and (2) have their own username and password.

To give the students access to the app, the app will need to be installed on to the school devices. Instructions to install the apps can be found here.

For students to have their own username and password, they will need to have been entered into the system via the teacher portal.

Need Help?

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