The Five Challenges of Emile

Thank you for inviting Emile into your class.

Below are five challenges of Emile. If you complete the challenges and tweet us your class will receive a special reward!

Challenge 1:

Design a costume.

Emile likes to change costumes everywhere he goes. Can you design a different costume for Emile (draw, paint, collage) and write a description?

Challenge 2:

Practice your times tables.

Emile loves numbers and learning clever tricks. Can everyone in the class practice their times tables using Learn with Emile for 10 minutes? Guess how many questions you think you have answered.

Challenge 3:

Who’s the best speller?

Run a class competition to find out who is the best speller in your class. In groups of up to 8 students play a multiplayer game with Learn with Emile and then hold a Grand Final with the top 2 students from each group.

Challenge 4:

Dress your Emile like someone you know.

When you play the Ratings Games and Multiplayer Games, students earn coins that can be spent on their virtual Emile. Dress and accessorise your Emile like someone you know? (A family member, friend, teacher, footballer, athlete, singer, youtuber, film star, musician, character from a book)

Challenge 5:

Make a rocket.

Emile & Aimee, and Scrambler all travel through space in rockets. Design a rocket (or even make one from cardboard) for Emile & Aimee, or Scrambler.

The rocket could be themed like one of the planets – pirates, wizards, Egypt, Roman, – or themed by character.