We’re so excited to have you take a look at Emile!

It won’t be long before your school starts exploring Emile’s immersive universe in pursuit of knowledge. We can’t wait for you to see the impact this will have on your classes knowledge, understanding and attainment of all things numeracy and literacy.

An email is already flying through the air as we speak and should be in your mailbox in no time with some very important login details as well as some helpful tips and links to get you started.


If you want to start exploring straight away and take a look around, click here  to go straight to your teacher portal using the login details sent to you via email.

Click here  to download the Emile App on your tablet or computer device using the login details sent to you via email.

REMEMBER – Your very own cuddly Emile doll is waiting to jump on the next rocket ship out to your school but before he can blast off you’ll need to login to your Teacher Portal so Emile can verify your coordinates.

Happy exploring!