Emile Review by Mr Hunt – Teaching from the Front Line –

The excellent Mr Hunt from Tottington primary School trialled Emile with his class and made this video unprompted! https://emile-education.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Tottington-primary-school-spelling-app.mp4 About Mr Hunt  Mr Hunt is a primary school teacher at Tottington primary School in Bury, Manchester and has taught Reception, Year 6 and most recently a mixed year 3/4 class. He is an SLE, specialising […]

The best way to make your children rockstars at times tables, spelling, and more!

The literal meaning of a rockstar means that you need to be a star in rock music. But to my understanding, being a rockstar means that you are a star in your area, you rock. And the courage and confidence you get from being a star will help you accomplish more in your life. When […]

Awards & more – What we’ve been up to!

Emile has received a few awards and a lot of recognition over the last few months and thought we had better tell someone! We got off to a great start in December by being selected as one of 5 Edtech Innovations of the year by the world-famous Bookseller. The Bookseller magazine is a prestigious publication and […]

Useful Tips to Help Children like Maths

We all want our children to like maths. To not be scared. To open the door to hundreds of highly skilled and well paid jobs. Unfortunately, the word maths alone can cause anxiety in many of us. Here are a few easy tips to boost your child’s confidence in maths. It’s important that as a […]

Mastery in Mathematics

Many schools in England are now adopting a Mastery approach to teaching various areas of the curriculum, including mathematics. However, interpretations of what this means vary. The National Centre of Excellence in Teaching Mathematics [NCETM] has a whole area devoted to exploring and explaining what this approach might involve: please see https://www.ncetm.org.uk/resources/47230 Below we have […]

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