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St Silas Primary School, Liverpool

St Silas C of E Primary School in Liverpool is a wonderful community school, providing education of the highest calibre and with a belief that education is about learners experiencing the joy of discovery, problem-solving and being creative. There is great emphasis at the school in recognising, that achievement will naturally result from learners being excited and engaged.

St Silas Primary school
Fluency Resource
Fluency Resource
Fluency Resource

With this in mind, Mr Ashley Booth set his Y6 class gamification based challenges to expel any barriers to learning! He introduced Emile Education (and the characters Emile, Aimee, and Scrambler) to his class of inquisitive students and set about allowing them to be fully immersed into Emile’s universe, where each planet represents a different aspect of knowledge and relates to different parts of an exciting adventure. By solving different challenges and collecting Knowledge Gems, the class was fully eager to continue- delving into the Maths, SPaG and Intervention resources and naturally, enthused learning swiftly commenced!

We, at Emile Education, decided that we wanted to visit the school, to see how students were getting on and to ask the students what they really thought. Students enthusiastically mentioned that the ‘Tamagotchi was awesome and that they wanted different ones for every Maths and SPaG strand if we could!’ – A huge ask 6B, but one which we will consider and try to implement if we can! Mr Booth also mentioned that the children were using the full breadth of the resources in Y6 and he was noticing that they were ‘getting swifter with their mental calculations and accuracy,’ which is definitely mightily impressive!

The Emile resource has been used as part of their daily routine, with Mr Booth allowing the students to choose the strands, however, there are also targeted and personalised strands for students who require additional practise in a specific area. This is key in mastering concepts and we at Emile, encourage this- teachers have full access to a teacher portal which means tailoring learning with Emile is simply a few clicks away! An enthusiastic young student also noted how much Emile was helping with his understanding of certain grammar concepts- ‘It’s so much more fun trying to find things like the adverbs and correct homophones when it’s like we’re playing games!’ Another stated that ‘it doesn’t feel like I’m doing school work, even though it is and it helps me in Maths later too… more like a game to get us to the next learning challenge!

St Silas C of E Primary School are lucky, as they have 1:1 iPads and this means that pupils were able to compete against each other through Emile, try to better their previous scores and smash daily targets, however, this is just as effective on laptops through a web browser and even using this just a couple of times each week! What really stood out, was the positive response from Mr Ashley Booth, who is using Emile to embed and enhance learning, for a flying head start in Y6, in preparation for KS2 SATS and finally for the transitions to Year 7!

Mr Booth has also been keeping track of students’ learning, which means he would be able to gain tangible, continual and accurate formative assessment data- there’s no need to wait until the end of a unit, or each half term! Additionally, knowing multiplication and its division facts is key to becoming a confident mathematician. To help with this, the FREE https://www.emile-education.com/resources/free-multiplication-tables-check-mtc is sure to have been useful in mastering these!

A huge thank you to Mr Booth and his students for allowing us to share their learning and we really hope that the class goes from strength to strength!

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Due to coronavirus

Across the globe schools are responding to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. In a number of countries, schools have been closed and teachers are trying to deliver lessons remotely.

So with this in mind we have agreed to give FREE full access to our games based learning resources to ANY school affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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