Meet Emile

Emile is not only the name of our resources but also the name of our lead character.

Players venture into Emile’s universe, where each planet in the universe represents a different aspect of knowledge and relates to different parts of the story. Only by solving different challenges is the full history of the characters revealed.

Learn about Scrambler’s origins and the evolution of his race, find out what the gems do and help Aimee and Emile use teamwork to complete challenges.

Meet Emile

Emile is a shape shifting alien from Mathedonia who loves solving problems and dressing up!

Maths software for primary schools and children age 6-9 years old

Meet Aimee

Aimee is an Artificial Intelligence Maths EnginE. She is also Emile’s best friend and sworn to return the gems.

Being a computer means that sometimes she knows things Emile doesn’t and can scan areas to find gems.


Meet Scrambler

When Scrambler first discovered a knowledge gem he was an uneducated dinosaur, but with that small amount of learning came a desire to know more.

Scrambler went on to steal all the gems from Emile’s and Aimee’s home planet.

Bring Emile into your Classroom

Soft Toys

Limited edition Emile soft toys are available to schools.

Soft toys EMile

Emile Books

Aimed at 6 years +, find out the full story behind Emile’s adventures.

Coming Soon…