With Emile your child will experience an enchanting story that will motivate them to explore the universe of mathematics.
Children become engrossed in helping Emile recover the maths gems that have been taken by the mischievous Scrambler and are inspired to complete the challenges.
Scrambler has stolen the maths gems from Emile’s and Aimee’s planet. Children learn about Scrambler’s personal origins and the evolution of his race, find out what the gems do and help Aimee and Emile use teamwork to complete challenges.
Pupils venture into Emile’s universe. Each planet in the universe represents different aspects of mathematics and relates to different parts of the story. Only by solving mathematics challenges are the full histories of the characters revealed.
“For Emile to conquer each of them he must find all the gems that the mischievous Scrambler has hidden. When Scrambler first discovered a math gem he was a simple unintelligent dinosaur, but with that small amount of knowledge came a desire to learn more. With Scrambler plotting which planets to visit next and stealing all of the gems, Emile and Aimee must work against the clock to search for hidden clues and solve riddles that will lead them to the gems before Scrambler takes them all.”

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