Ease of use

Ease of use has been at the forefront of development and each game has been tested by the less computer literate.

The number of clicks has been minimised, anything that can be edited is highlighted in orange and there are simple tutorials available for setting up classes or assigning work.

Children can be assigned usernames and passwords by a teacher or uploaded via an excel sheet.

The games are searchable and arranged into 7 different maths topics, mirroring the UK curriculum. Each game can be set for a class at the click of a button.

Every game has a detailed tutorial at the start so that the children can start and play a game without instructions.

Emile has been developed with several schools as well as Manchester Metropolitan University’s faculty of Education and ease of use is something that has been central to the Emile experience.

See how easy Emile is to use and trial it in your classroom now.

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