Emile supports students for whom English is not their primary language (EAL or ESL).

Learners encounter language throughout Emile. Whether the language relates to the story of Emile, Aimee and Scrambler, is required to solve some of the games or is simply required to play the games.

Language is presented in various ways including audio and alongside images and videos, consolidating students’ fluency with mathematical language.

Emile doesn’t only motivate students to problem solve, read and understand but also makes it easier for parents who are non-native speakers to stay up to date with their children’s performance

Research shows that connecting mathematics and language learning can have significant cognitive benefits, promoting higher order thinking skills and falls within the Maths Mastery approach being pioneered by Maths Hubs across the UK.

To try Emile with your EAL/ESL students sign up for a trial now.

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