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A wooly Mammouth
A wooly emile A wooly emile

An Enchanting Story

Pupils love the Emile, Aimee and Scrambler story.
Scrambler has stolen the maths gems from Emile’s and Aimee’s home planet. Learn about Scrambler’s origins and the evolution of his race, find out what the maths gems do and help Aimee and Emile use teamwork to complete challenges.
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“When you turn it into a game it helps you understand it more… it’s really fun!”
A Child from Mossley C Of E Primary School

“I enjoyed the games because I learnt a lot. I enjoyed it because I can know all these things.”
A Child from Our Lady Of Mount Carmel R C Primary School

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All the work done by students is recorded and presented in useful and meaningful ways. Via secure logins, teachers can see which students need help and which are ready to move on to another topic or ready to deepen their understanding. Reports are easily printed and teacher marking workloads all but eradicated. Continue Reading →

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Your Assignments

Funky Fruit Fun Number of students: 20


Slinging Shots Number of students: 12



Emile supports students for whom English is not their primary language (EAL or ESL).

Learners encounter language throughout Emile. Whether the language relates to the story of Emile, Aimee and Scrambler, is required to solve some of the games or is simply required to play the games.
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An array of teacher resources is provided to make teachers’ lives easier.

Each game is accompanied by set of documents that cover the learning outcomes relating to the mathematical and language content. There are self-assessment grids to help the children gauge their progress and learning.
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