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Multi-Academy Trusts

The Emile range of resources has been developed by a group of teachers, academics and game developers here in Greater Manchester. 

We have local representatives throughout the UK interested in making Emile work for all: students, teachers, SLT and MAT Leaders. 

We would like to work with you to develop a product that works for your MAT and delivers the information you want, how you want. 

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Engage Students

Engage Students

Emile has many features that engage and encourage students including:

  • a tamagotchi system 
  • a coin based reward system
  • trophies
  • rewards for daily use
  • competitions between classes
  • competitions between students
  • Fortnite style seasons
  • Crazy characters on an enchanting adventure

Reduce Teacher Workload

Allow teachers to assess all their students at the press of a button. 

No need to mark or compile reports – it’s all done for them.

Set homework and see results and performance as students do the work. Do a class spelling test and see the results live!

teacher workload
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SLT & MAT Leaders

Want all your year 4s to do a practice Multiplication Tables Check? 

Want to find out how the preparation for year 6s SATs is going? 

Want to do a gap analysis of all your students? 

Want information arranged in a compatible way to your LMS? 

We can help you do it and want to help you do it. Our systems are fully customisable and we can help deliver your ideas. 

Pedagogically Robust

All our content has been created by experts in education including from the Faculty of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University and our own Chinese maths teacher – Jack Ng. 

So you can be confident that our resources are pedagogically sound and our maths resources are true maths mastery resources!

manchester metropolitan university maths apps

Talk To Us!

Our staff want to make the best possible resources and would like to make resources that work for you. Please get in touch for a quick discussion to see how we could help each other. 

    Free Access

    Due to coronavirus

    Across the globe schools are responding to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. In a number of countries, schools have been closed and teachers are trying to deliver lessons remotely.

    So with this in mind we have agreed to give FREE full access to our games based learning resources to ANY school affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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