Emile Maths Games

Learning maths is hugely important, but some children find maths boring.

At Emile we help children develop an enjoyment of maths. Emile doesn’t have worksheets, doesn’t have fill in the blanks and doesn’t have odd one out activities.

Emile does contain real games with educational content, and does provide a captivating story with interesting characters.

If you want your child to love maths, then let them play Emile today.

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Pupils love the Emile, Aimee and Scrambler story.

Scrambler has stolen the maths gems from Emile’s and Aimee’s home planet. Learn about Scrambler’s origins and the evolution of his race, find out what the maths gems do and help Aimee and Emile use teamwork to complete challenges.

Pupils venture into Emile’s universe. Each planet in the universe represents different aspects of mathematics and relates to different parts of the story. Only by solving different mathematics challenges is the full history of the characters revealed.