Adverbials – What They Are & 6 Great Ideas for the Classroom

Teaching adverbials can be tricky.  For one thing there are so many similar terms: adverb, adverbial clauses, fronted adverbials & adverbial phrases.  Another thing is that the requirement to teach “fronted adverbials” has been focused upon in order to criticise the primary national curriculum. With all the criticism, only a very few can feel confident that teaching […]

Subitizing Resources by Ian Addison

This is a copy of a blog about Subitizing by and with the kind permission of Ian Addison. More of the Ian’s blogs can be read here: http://ianaddison.net/subitizing-resources/   You may not have heard of subitizing, I hadn’t until approximately 18 months ago but bear with me for a few minutes and I’ll explain. There is […]

Reduce Teacher Workload by Getting Rid of Homework?

“Reduce teacher workload by taking a different approach to homework.”  Charlie Liu argues here that homework can be more effective and dramatically reduce teacher workload if a few changes in appraoch are made. Teacher workload has become a much discussed topic over the past few years, in particular due to the issues with recruitment and […]

The New And Slightly Improved 100 Books To Read In Year 5/6 by “The Teaching Booth”

This is a copy of a blog by and with the kind permission of The Teaching Booth. More of the Teaching Booth’s blogs can be read here: https://theteachingbooth.wordpress.com/blog/ Two or three years ago I spent a weekend thinking about what books I would want my class to read. I whittled it down to 100, threw it […]

Using Competition to Improve Spelling in Schools

Most children begin to learn to spell a few words at home before they enter school. And while being able to spell is not necessarily a reflection of a child’s intelligence, it’s a vital skill for their academic life and life after school. Bad spelling follows a student into key stage 2 and secondary school. […]

Teaching Angles: 5 Activities for your Classroom

Teaching angles can be challenging with students seeming to grasp the idea one day and then lose it the next day. Below are a few activities I use to keep students’ understanding of angles topped up. Door Angles Using strong white tape suitable for the floor, show the angles to which the door may be […]

Tips on Classroom Displays

What Makes a Good Classroom Display? With students and teachers spending approximately 35 hours a week in the classroom, it makes sense to make it a comfortable and encouraging place for learning.  A good display not only brightens up a classroom but engages and informs.  It can promote a sense of ownership amongst students and […]

Symmetry – Activities for your Class

Understanding symmetry can sometimes be a challenge – especially for those children who are not “visual learners”-. To help, I am going to share 7 activities that you I have found useful in class. Names This is another one that can help make a lovely display. Ask your pupils to write their names on papers […]

How to deal with Angry, Difficult or Hostile Parents?

Angry, difficult and hostile parents. It seems that they are everywhere and almost unavoidable as a teacher these days. They are part of the job that can really increase stress and pressure. Inspired by a recording of a parent on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, below are a few hints and tips we’ve gathered […]

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