Introducing Fractions

Lego fractions

Fractions are not only a key part of the National Curriculum, but it is a fundamental part of being numerate. As always simple concepts can be the most difficult for children to grasp. Physical examples Pupils can understand real-life physical examples much better than abstract ones. So don’t only use the pizza/cake idea but use […]

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Make It Fun: Ideas on Teaching Prefixes

Grammar Resource for primary schools & key stage 2

Grammar can be a dry subject for both teachers and students. Yet it is on the national curriculum and fundamental knowledge students need. So teachers sometimes need to be extra resourceful when trying to make a grammar session as engaging as possible. Below are a few approaches that may make the learning about prefixes more […]

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Strategies to Help Cope with End of Term Stress.

We are getting to the last few weeks of 2018! Yeh! But with everything in school and at home at Christmas, you might find yourself a touch stressed. Below are a few suggested strategies to help cope with the end-of-school-year stress and problems. 1. Strategies! What are the sources of your stress? Is it behavioural […]

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3 Amazing Tips for Teaching Times Tables and Spelling

As we are getting to the end of 2018, it is the best time to prepare for a new year. As a primary school teacher, you have spent the whole year working hard to help your students discover a love of learning. (This can be particularly hard for some areas like times tables and spelling.) So today I’m […]

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