Strategies to Help Cope with End of School Year Stress.

We are getting to the last few weeks of 2018! Yeh! But with everything in school and at home at Christmas, you might find yourself a touch stressed. Below are a few suggested strategies to help cope with the end-of-school-year stress and problems. 1. Strategies! What are the sources of your stress? Is it behavioural […]

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3 Amazing Tips for Teaching Times Tables and Spelling

As we are getting to the end of 2018, it is the best time to prepare for a new year. As a primary school teacher, you have spent the whole year working hard to help your students discover a love of learning. (This can be particularly hard for some areas like times tables and spelling.) So today I’m […]

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My First Half Term as a Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Headteacher

This blog has been reproduced with the kind permission of (interim) Deputy Headteacher Stephen Mitchell. To read more of Stephen’s blogs please visit his Blog. I’ve tried numerous times to get into blogging, but never too much success.  Life takes over, something important comes up and it leaves little time to process thoughts let alone […]

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Parking at Schools

parking at schools

Inconsiderate, and potentially dangerous, parking is increasingly causing problems outside schools. Most local authorities have neither the time nor the powers to deal with problems outside every school in their area and the police also have limited resources. Each school has a responsibility to encourage parents and guardians to behave considerately, and preferably leave their […]

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Tips on Teaching Fractions


Fractions are a part of the UK national curriculum, but a significant fraction(!) of children really struggle to grasp the concept. Below are a few tips we think your pupils may appreciate. Start Really Simple It’s best to start really, really simple. Misunderstandings at the start can lead to a whole lot of issues. So […]

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Education in Finland

Finland has captured the interest and imagination of researchers and policy-makers around the world due to its impressive performance on international tests. In the UK, kids play during breaks and work during class.But in Finland play is a child’s work. Central to early years education in Finland is a “late” start to schooling. At all Finnish daycare […]

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Avoid the Summer Slide!

The Summer Slide is real. Children’s academic abilities reduce over the summer holidays. Below are few tips to help your child avoid the regression! Reading: Read every day.  Visit your local library, read newspapers and information boards at tourist sites. Writing: Try setting up a blog for your child where they can tell their story […]

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10 Tips to Recruit Teachers!

Recruiting teachers and teaching staff can be costly. And after having read this article in TES on the increasing number of students and decreasing number of pupils, we thought it would be good to share some great ways of recruiting teachers ***STOP the press – July 2018. The long promised free website for advertising teacher vacancies […]

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