Times Table Speed Test – Free for Your School

What is the the Times Table Speed Test? Our times table speed test mimics the Department for Education’s new Year 4 Multiplication Table Check (MTC).  The MTC is an online check (there is no paper version) completed during a three week period in June, by pupils in year 4. The school can decide what device type – […]

Emile Review by Mr Hunt – Teaching from the Front Line –

The excellent Mr Hunt from Tottington primary School trialled Emile with his class and made this video unprompted! https://emile-education.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Tottington-primary-school-spelling-app.mp4 About Mr Hunt  Mr Hunt is a primary school teacher at Tottington primary School in Bury, Manchester and has taught Reception, Year 6 and most recently a mixed year 3/4 class. He is an SLE, specialising […]

Free Multiplication Tables Check Resources for Your School – A Halloween TREAT! –

We like making teachers’ lives easier. And with this in mind we have created a load of MTC resources ahead of the new test coming in June. A FREE online resource that mimics the test so children can become comfortable with the interface and layout.  A FREE app that also mimics the DfE test for […]

City Simulator – Games-Based Learning Resource

We are pleased to announce that we are part of a European wide consortium to help educate students, between 14 and 17 years, about climate change, sustainability, renewable energies, and energy storage systems (emphasising hydrogen technologies). We will be developing a city simulation for students to interact with to assess the impact of different forms […]

A FREE Roman Numerals Resource for Schools?

Roman numerals appear on the UK National Curriculum in key stages 1 and 2 (in measurement). They are a touch isolated from other parts of the curriculum and there aren’t many engaging activities or worksheets available. Following the take up of our other Emile resources, we have been able to create a resource covering Roman […]

Games Based Learning (GBL) and Erasmus+

We were excited to find out we were part of a successful Erasmus+ bid in August to make a brand new games-based learning resource with 5 academic partners from across Europe. Erasmus+ is an European Union scheme to stimulate co-operation across Europe mainly between Universities. We’re obviously not a university but have been hired due […]

Comparison of Primary and A-level Grammar| Asking too much?

This is a short comparison of primary and A-level grammar or rather the level of grammar that needs to be understood at each level to be successful in the exams by Dr Mark Philips of MMU. I’ve worked within and led English departments in the Sixth Form sector for 11 years. In that time I’ve […]

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