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Year 1 Maths Vocab Word Cloud

Maths Vocab for Year 1

We’ve pulled out the below vocabulary from the maths national curriculum. We hope you find it useful! We’ll be doing this for other years in the coming weeks.    Download


Assessment Frameworks & Levels

National Curriculum Levels were brought for primary schools in 2014. In Years 2 and 6, children take SATs exams and given a “level” in Reading, Writing and Maths. It takes

times table speed test

MTC Guide

Table of Contents MTC Guide Overview With the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) coming in next June, we’ve put together a little MTC guide due to the complexity in setting the

Classroom displays 3
Tips and Tricks

Tips on Classroom Displays

What Makes a Good Classroom Display? With students and teachers spending approximately 35 hours a week in the classroom, it makes sense to make it a comfortable and encouraging place

Teaching Symmetry
Tips and Tricks

Symmetry – Activities for your Class

Understanding symmetry can sometimes be a challenge – especially for those children who are not “visual learners”-. To help, I am going to share 7 activities that you I have

Tips and Tricks

Using Lego to Teach About Fractions

There are many ways that we can use Lego. As a “must-have” resource for schools nowadays, Lego is no longer just some pieces of toys; they can be used in demonstrating complicated spacial ideas or illustrating numeral and logical connections. In a few words, Lego is now becoming a teaching tool.

Teacher imposter syndrome
Tips and Tricks

Impostor Syndrome as a Teacher

I believe Impostor Syndrome is becoming more and more prevalent in teachers today. It could be the lack of resources and support, strain in the system due to austerity or

Chinese students maths mastery

Maths Mastery in China by Someone from China

As a result of the PISA tables, China & Singapore are regarded as leading countries for teaching mathematics. The “Maths Mastery” approach introduced to UK schools over the last decade


Does Homework Work?

Homework is a rite of passage for children, parents and teachers. Children must dutifully do it, parents must dutifully check to ensure the homework is done; and teachers must dutifully

Measurements - How to teach
Tips and Tricks

Tips for Teaching Measurements

There are many different aspects of Measurement that are covered in the national curriculum: dimensions, weight, time, temperature, and volume. Measurements can be a fantastic, fun and involving way to

headteacher interview
Tips and Tricks

4 Tips for Headteacher Interviews

Becoming a headteacher is the dream for many teachers. It is a huge step for some teachers, but enticing for those of you who want to have more power &

marking in schools

Marking in Schools – What’s right or wrong?

“Effective marking is an essential part of the education process. At its heart, it is an interaction between teacher and pupil: a way of acknowledging pupils’ work, checking the outcomes and making decisions about what teachers and pupils need to do next, with the primary aim of driving pupil progress. This can often be achieved without extensive
written dialogue or comments.”

Statistics key stage 2
Tips and Tricks

Introducing Statistics in Primary Schools

Statistics can be the basis of really great practical lessons in maths where students can get their hands dirty. It’s arguably the easiest way to show an example of maths

Games based learning gamification

Games-Based Learning or Gamification? What Are They?

There’s some confusion between games-based learning and gamification because, quite frankly in modern parlance, they mean pretty much the same thing. Pedagogically wise there is subtle difference between the two

Times tables
Tips and Tricks

Teaching Times Tables

Learning the times tables is a vital skill and one that will shortly be tested by the Multiplication Tables Check. Before I get into trouble – learning here includes understanding

Microsoft education BETT Emile

BETT 2019 – Review & Tips

Excel Docklands is one of the two largest ICT education shows in the world (along with ISTE). It is held in London every year in January and is preceded by

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