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Guidance to ensure a COVID-19 Friendly Playtime

Table of Contents Covid-19 Friendly Playtime Playtime for children is a time to let their imagination run wild and their social and communication skills really blossom. As the pandemic spread across

teacher wellbeing

Summer 2021: Teacher Wellbeing

Teacher wellbeing is at the top of our priority list after this hectic year, join us to find out what things you can do to relax this summer.

Times Tables Tips

Times Tables: 3 Amazing Tips for NQT Teaching Times Tables.

The Times Tables are part of every student’s education – if they know them, they will proudly show their skills. However, this subject can be quite daunting – considering it is a key technique to mathematics, if not done properly it could cause some difficulties. This is why we have come up with three big tips for when NQT go to teach this subject!

mental health awareness

Teacher wellbeing: Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental Health Awareness month has arrived, giving a safe place for people to raise awareness on wellbeing and the effects of mental health. But how do we support those in the education workplace? Read more…


Year 1 Spelling Worksheets & Activities

Spelling is a mandatory subject in school. That’s why we have come up with some Year 1 Spelling worksheets and activities to aid teaching in your classroom. Enjoy!

Free Access

Due to coronavirus

Across the globe schools are responding to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. In a number of countries, schools have been closed and teachers are trying to deliver lessons remotely.

So with this in mind we have agreed to give FREE full access to our games based learning resources to ANY school affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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