Emile App Download

Please note that you need a username and password to use this app.

If you are a pupil, to get a username and password please ask your teacher.

If you are a teacher with a subscription to create a set of usernames and passwords for your pupils please go to the teacher portal.

If you are a teacher without a subscription, please complete our trial form.

This App includes access to Addition with Emile, Fractions, Decimals & Percentages with Emile, Geometry with Emile, Measurement with Emile, Place Value with Emile, Roman Numerals with Emile, Spelling with Emile, Statistics with Emile, and Times Tables with Emile.

Network Settings

The apps should work once installed without issue.

In more complex networks, it may be that certain sites need to be whitelisted and/or exceptions placed in the firewall.

The sites that may need whitelisting or exceptions are:
– https://games.emile-education.com
– https://config.uca.cloud.unity3d.com
– https://cdp.cloud.unity3d.com
– https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets
– https://emileeducation-my.sharepoint.com

Please note that the Wonde log in system uses https://edu.wonde.com and https://api.wonde.com

Should this not solve the issue please let us know.Using our Contact Us form or phoning on 01204 224 296.

*Chromebooks that support Android apps