Summer Reading List

by Glen

As we’re coming to the end of another school year, we thought a bit of a summer reading list may help.

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” for age 6-9

This is Greg Heffley’s diary, it records a year in his life with hilarious cartoons. Greg constantly tries to become more popular but his attempts at cartooning, bodybuilding and money-making were not successful at all.

“Flat Stanley” for age 6-9

Stanley wakes up one morning to find himself turn into half an inch thick. He realized that he can fly and use his special skills to prevent crimes.

“The Story of Babar” for age 7-10

This is the story of a baby elephant, Babar. Baby Babar left the forest and wandered to a nearby town after his mother was shot by some cruel hunters, there he found a rich old lady who dressed him elegantly. He learned maths, driving etc, but he missed his fellow elephants, and soon he returned to the jungle and crowned king of the elephants.

“The Worst Witch” for age 7-10

Trainee witch Mildred Hubble went to Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. But she is probably the worst witch ever to attend the Academy: she once turned the teacher’s pet into a pig! But when she discovers a plot against the school, can she save the day?

“Millions” for age 7-12

Since his mother passed away, Damian has been trying to escape the trappings of the material world. He builds a little house out of cardboard boxes near the train line, and one night a bag containing £229,370 falls from the sky and broke down his masterpiece. Damian believes that it is a gift from God, and he discussed with his older brother Anthony about the best way to spend the money. But things are getting more complicated because there are only 17 days left before the national currency switches to Euros and their money becomes worthless.

“The History Of Little Goody Two-Shoes” for age 6-10

You’ve probably heard the phrase “goody two-shoes” describes someone who always follows the rules. But have you read the story that popularized the saying? The book tells the tale of an orphan girl who was so poor that even a pair of shoes was too much; she had to wear just one. She became a teacher eventually, and married a rich gentlemen. The story shows that virtuousness will always be rewarded.

“When We Were Very Young” for age 6-10

This is a collection of poetry from Milne, the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood. It came out two years before the creation of the honey-loving bear, and it was almost as popular when it was first published.

“The Touch Me Book” for age 5-8

This sensory book was very popular among young children who loved to interact with the elements on each page. It was one of the very first few touch-and-feel books, and children nowadays can still appreciate the art within the book.

“Nutshell Library” for age 6-9

In this book children can learn the alphabet with alligators, count visitors with young Johnny, and go on adventures with a brave boy who has no fear. Endless adventures await in these fascinating stories that children will love reading over and over again.

Please feel free to hand out this Summer Reading List to your Pupils.

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